On March 21. Our ASCE practitioner advisor, Kyle Twitchell gave SAP demo and lecture to Cooper Union students. 15 student attended.

SAP Demo

On March 9th, 4 working professionals (Richard Lo, Erika Finan, Nolana Wong, Brian Wong) visited Cooper Union to give brief introduction of FE/PE and have Q&A session. 25 students attended.

FE/PE Intro&QnA

It was an event, where 5 students sharing their experiences regarding their internships with current students from how to get an internship to working as an intern for a company.

2017 Spring Student Internship Panel

Current Student of Cooper Union and alumni participated in the ASCE Kids day volunteering work.

2017 ASCE Kids day

This meeting gave an overview of the ASCE events for the 2017 spring semester. We discussed our events on career opportunities and workshops. Nikk Carter of ASCE YMF joined us. Attendance: 20

2017 Spring General Meeting

ASCE Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders (WSCL) happened in Newark, NJ, January 20~21. 5 students from the chapter attended the workshop and represented Cooper Union. WSCL provided great opportunities to network with working professionals, and students from other school. Following is a photo we took with students from city tech […]

ASCE Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders

ASCE’s annual holiday party is a Gingerbread House Competition. We provided each group with enough supplies to build an elaborate house in an hour and then judged each house in a number of categories (sustainability, structural integrity, aesthetics, height). We then crowned a winner!   Attendance: 40

Gingerbread House Competition

Our winter break event was designed to review the various companies that came to Cooper to discuss career opportunities and encourage students to apply to these positions over the break. After the short presentation, ASCE elected a new board.   Attendance: 30

Winter Break Prep and Elections

Representatives from ACEC, the American Council of Engineering Companies, came to Cooper Union to discuss a scholarship opportunity open to junior students looking to pursue work in the consulting firm business in New York. After their presentation, an ASCE bridge design webinar was shown discussing various strategies for wind load […]

ACEC Scholarship and Bridge Webinar

The ASCE board put together a presentation on the classes available, discussing the difficulties and workload of each class, perks of different professors, and general advice on coursework. Attendance: 35

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