On the October 3rd, Cooper Union ASCE Chapter had its 1st General meeting for the 2017 fall semester. We introduced events and the objectives of ASCE to  the new members, and also elected freshman rep. 40 Students participated.  

1st General Meeting

On the September 28th, two of Cooper Union ASCE chapter members (Miles Barber and Kevin Kim) participated in the SEAoNY Pub Trivia Night at O’Lunney’s Tavern. They had great time networking with SEAoNY members.  

SEAoNY Pub Trivia Night

4 working professionals, members of SEAoNY, came to Cooper Union to give Resume Workshop to students. 15 students participated. Thank you Jason, Willam, Jason, and Jack for their time and insights!

SEAoNY Resume Workshop

Cooper Union visited Mega Contracting’s construction site on the September 15th to learn about construction processes. 10 People participated.

Mega Contracting Site Visit

On April 6th, Cooper alumni who are working at the MEGA construction visited Cooper Union to give presentation about the construction field and their company. 20 students attended.

MEGA presentation

On April 3rd, Cooper had Arup:Dynamics presentation. The lecture connected the theory learned in classes to real world projects where dynamics principals are at work. Project examples included skyscrapers in highly seismic regions, cable-stayed bridges, Tuned Mass Dampers, and other viscous damping, and some tools used to experience designs. 20 […]

ARUP talk

On March 25th. 3 students from Cooper Union participated in ASCE Met section community garden charity event. Students had a great time volunteering and networking with working professionals.

ASCE community garden charity event

On March 23. 5 alumni (Ostap Gladoun, Chaimaa Makoudi, Anitha Reddy, Kevin Lee and Eric Lo) visited Cooper to share their experiences and give advice to the current s tudents. 25 students attended.    

Alumni panel

On March 22, ASCE YMF Executive Forum was hosted at the Cooper Union. 10 current student attended.

YMF Executive Forum