On April 3rd, Cooper had Arup:Dynamics presentation. The lecture connected the theory learned in classes to real world projects where dynamics principals are at work. Project examples included skyscrapers in highly seismic regions, cable-stayed bridges, Tuned Mass Dampers, and other viscous damping, and some tools used to experience designs. 20 […]

ARUP talk

On March 23. 5 alumni (Ostap Gladoun, Chaimaa Makoudi, Anitha Reddy, Kevin Lee and Eric Lo) visited Cooper to share their experiences and give advice┬áto the current s tudents. 25 students attended.    

Alumni panel

This event was designed to inform underclassmen about the classes they are required to take along with recommendations for electives being offered. Though this event runs every semester, this particular registration event was more structured on going over each and every class and what it entails. As a result, students […]

Registration Fiesta